I create personal, inspiring images of people and culture for humanitarian organizations that tell that the stories of the people they serve.

I tell stories of hope, that inspire people to act in kindness and generosity toward their fellow human beings.

Vietnamese woman working in rice field

“Story allows our imperfections to be set in a context that shows we are still good”

– Annette Simmons

Bryon Lippincott

Bryon Lippincott

I am a photographer and filmmaker with a deep love for human stories. I love telling stories of hope, stories that show the value of human life as well as the benefits and rewards that come from investing in people.

I am a wanderer and a nomad. My family and I spend most of the year traveling around Asia working with humanitarian agencies and workers helping them tell their stories and the stories of the people they are working with

To date I have photographed in 10 countries, with over 40 different organizations and individuals, and produced video projects in 6 different languages.