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I am convinced that telling deep, personal stories is the core of humanitarian photography, that photography and filmmaking can serve a purpose greater than proving a situation exists or simply providing a visual record of a moment in time.

How we approach the art of storytelling through photography and filmmaking and the results we aim to achieve with our photography or film are more important than how we execute the technical details.

I believe that who we photograph, how we go portray them, and why, is always more important than the dials and buttons on the tools in our hands.

Finally, I believe that photography and filmmaking have the power to change perspectives and influence thoughts and actions. It is our responsibility as humanitarian photographers and filmmakers to take the lead and pursue deeper, more meaningful work that transcends the distance between cultures and embraces the value of our common humanity.

This space is intended to be an exploration of these ideas, a place to share the experience of places I visit, and the things I see.

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A Slow Evolution in Photography

Many years ago when I started pursuing my interest in photography, my goals were fairly simple. I was really interested in two things, creating beautiful photos, and being recognized for taking good photos. To be more specific I wanted to create single stand alone,...
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As we've been traveling and working with humanitarian organizations over the last two and a half years, I have slowly begun to realize the problem most nonprofit and humanitarian organizations are facing. It comes disguised as lack of money, lack of quality volunteers...
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Good pigeons – Making Our Relationships with Nonprofits Intentional

I often think about and struggle with how we as individuals can be more useful to and more engaged with the nonprofit and humanitarian organizations that we believe are doing good things. With volunteer work and even with charitable giving it can be easy to become a...
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The Paradox of Photography

I’ve been working my way through the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert over the last week or so. Today I read a section on the paradox of art. As I sit here editing photos this morning, I am realizing how true that paradox really is. Elizabeth say's the paradox of...
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Old French Quarter – Hanoi, Vietnam

        French Old Quarter - Hanoi, Vietnam       The Old French Quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam is growing on me. On my first trip in 2015 I found it busy and chaotic and struggled to find a photographic groove. My second trip in July of...
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It’s in the Eyes

The human eye is incredibly powerful. We all understand the incredible things that our eyes do every day to see the world around us, but that’s not really what I am talking about. The human eyes have amazing power to communicate, to build intimate connections, tear...
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Bryon Lippincott

Bryon Lippincott

Bryon Lippincott is a humanitarian photographer, filmmaker and marketing consultant working with nonprofit and humanitarian organizations in Asia and around the world. His work is focused on helping organizations communicate the results of their work by producing stories that portray the courage, value and spirit of the people they are serving.

He is the co-founder of the creative agency Sharing Dots with his wife Lorilee. Sharing Dots provides media and marketing solutions to humanitarian and nonprofit organizations,

To date he has worked on assignment in 10 countries, with over 50 different organizations and individuals, and produced video projects in 6 different languages.

He enjoys taking roads less traveled and writing about how nonprofits and humanitarian organizations can communicate more effectively and increase engagement with their core audiences.