A Quick Trip to Pai, Thailand.

For christmas this week we took a quick trip to Pai, Thailand. It was the first chance we’ve had to get away and explore as a family in over a year. We visited the “Grand Canyon of Pai” the first day and the Holy Bamboo Bridge and a small waterfall the second day.

I thought I’d share a few images of our adventure. I don’t work in black and white very often anymore. But with the dry season and lack of beautiful green rice fields to show with the bridge I figured I would go black and white as I do love the contrast and focus on shape and subject that it provides.

The Grand Canyon of Pai, Thailand by Humanitarian photographer Bryon Lippincott

The Grand Canyon of Pai, Thailand

Below are a few images from a morning walk through the foggy and cold town of Pai.

Photo of the walking street in Pai, Thailand in the early morning on Dec 26,2017 by humanitarian photographer Bryon Lippincott

When we arrived at the bamboo bridge the villagers who maintain the bridge were in the process of replacing the bamboo on some sections of the bridge. We were still able to walk the bridge, and we got to see the process of making the bridge.

The Holy Bamboo Bridge among the rice fields

We found this homemade, hand powered ferris wheel set up as an attraction at the beginning of the bridge.

There was also a fish pond where you could buy food and feed the fish with the money going to a local scholarship program.

This guy was carrying bamboo down to the group pictured above to be split and woven into a new floor for the bridge.

Overall it is a beautiful area. I would love to go back both when they are planting rice and when the the rice is mostly grown.

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