Bryon Lippincott - Humanitarian Photographer and Filmmaker

I believe in the power of imagery to change the world.
Images impact our worldview and our attitude toward humanity like few other things can.

I believe that well told stories have the power to change attitudes, perceptions and the way people act.

I believe that the best stories are told visually through photography and film.
As a photographer and filmmaker. I am dedicated to telling stories that encourage, stories with the power to inspire people to act in love toward those in need. Stories that amplify the voice of women, orphans and those in need of compassion.

I pursue stories of hope, stories of people who have chosen to act and make life better for someone around them. In telling these stories I hope to inspire action, acceptance, understanding and compassion.

 One person who cares can make a difference.

Currently I am focused on telling stories and building humanitarian brands though a project that my wife and started called Sharing Dots. Sharing Dots grew out of our combined passion for media, internet marketing and humanitarian work.

Sharing Dots provides photography, filmmaking services along with brand strategy and communication consulting services to humanitarian organizations, social enterprises and individuals working with humanitarian causes. to date we have work with more than 70 different organizations and individuals in 13 countries and completed video projects in 6 different languages.  We  have worked on projects covering a broad spectrum of social issues including orphans, adoption, HIV, visual impairment, sustainable coffee farming, education, human trafficking, commercial sexual exploitation and poverty.