I have a confession to make,  I have a habit of scrolling social media and honestly even websites, articles and stories, and only engaging with the headlines. My eyes quickly take in the photos and my brain reads the title and headings, I might even skim the article but my interaction ends there. Only to begin the process with the next item that pops up on the screen.

The reality is that I want to engage with people, organizations and issues on social media, but i am often lulled to indifference by the regularity and commonality of content being posted. When there is nothing that breaks the mould I move on quickly.

When I do find content with more depth that catches my attention it is a hard to break the scroll habit, to stop the constant motion of my fingers.

Intentional interaction

Having said that, I want to make a change and I would like to encourage you to join me. There are causes and organizations that I believe strongly in and want to see succeed. My goal is to be intentional in my interactions with the things that I care about. I want to seek out and actively engage with people, stories and organizations that I value and feel strongly about.

I want that interaction to be more than clicking the thumbs up button, because honestly that is really lazy and the least that I can do. If I really value the person, organization, or cause I want to choose to interact on a deeper level. I want to ask questions, exchange ideas and grow a relationship.

There is a downside to choosing to pursue intentional active interaction. I simply don’t have the mental space to interact with everyone and everything in this way, and that is ok. The goal is not to engage everyone but to make intentional choices about who I am interacting with and how I interact with them in the interest of building those relationships and supporting organizations and causes I care about.

So what do you think, can we be intentional together?

Photo with link to sharingdots.org