I am available for assignment work throughout Asia and worldwide. I have extensive experience working cross culturally. My images have been used extensively to further social impact brands and to brand the specialty coffee growing region of Yunnan, China.

Photography Rates

Photography billed by the day in half day increments.  1 full day minimum per job.  Day rate for photography on location includes professional editing and lifetime exclusive usage rights worldwide on any platform or medium. 30 – 50 delivered photos per day of photography.

Commercial Photography Day Rate               $2000 per day

Travel Days Rate (billed in half day increments to pay for my time)  $300 per day

All travel expenses including transportation, hotel, food, visas and other will be billed through at my cost.

Extra images if more than 50 delivered photos are needed per day (pack of 10 including editing and licensing)         $250 per pack

For non-profit organizations discounted rates please see Sharing Dots.

Filmmaking Rates

Cinematography Only = $800 per day

Simple Brand Video – Client writes script or voiceover.  Under 3 minutes. Includes 1 day of shooting and post production = $3000
Highlight Interview Video – Up to 3 different people interviewed or voiced.  I will direct, including planning and helping you craft your message through questions.  Cutting the best interview and broll footage to create a video with the most impact for your brand.  Up to 5 minutes final delivered video.  Includes 1-3 days of shooting post production = $8000
Short Produced Film – I will create a script, work with you to locate actors, scout filming locations, and work with you to create a polished film that communicates your brand message.  Up to 5 minutes delivered video.  Includes 3-5 days shooting as well as post production = $12,000 (actors fees, location permits or other costs will be billed to the client in addition to film cost)

Worldwide usage licensing. Includes 2 rounds of edits.  Additional rounds of edits will come with an additional charge.  Travel costs including transportation, hotel, food and other expenses will be billed through to the client.  Travel days will be billed at $300 per day in half day increments.

For non-profit organizations discounted rates please see Sharing Dots.

Documentary Rates

I have directed and worked with a few different documentaries being released in 2019.  As these are very specific to shooting, locations, planning and length, please contact me for a specific estimate.